Asset Recovery Services

Asset Recovery Services
Asset Recovery Services

Getting the most for your excess materials can add a significant boost to your bottom line. At Premier Metal Trading, we have served many companies seeking to get the most for their prime, excess, and secondary materials. Our success in asset recovery is based on our efficiency, responsiveness, and above all, excellent rates, which is always above scrap value.

We are a well know and established wholesaler of various metals and have the capacity to accommodate large scale requirements. We are geared to handle volumes from 10,000 lbs. up to millions of lbs. of metals such as carbon and stainless steel, coated steels, and various nickel alloys. This list also includes metal in forms such as coil, sheet, plate, bar, pipe, and tube stock.

Offering great rates for materials is only one of the factors that keep our customers coming back. As a nationally recognized wholesaler of prime, excess, and secondary metals, our reputation is built on responsive customer service. With every engagement, we handle the shipping, turning orders over quickly and efficiently. Our goal is to streamline the recovery process, creating a seamless service, working as a partner rather than a vendor. This superior customer service and attention to our clients’ needs places us at the fore front of the industry.

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Asset Recovery Specifications

Project Name & Description
Asset Recovery
Material Used
Stainless steel
Carbon steel
Coated Steel
Nickel alloys
Industry Focus
Metal using manufacturers
Service Centers
Scrap Dealers
10,000 LBS minimum
Transportation Method
We handle all shipping ***